Another new test

Testing Flocks blog posting features now…

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What next?

First it’s the Olympics, now the Democratic National Convention, and next week it’s the Republican Convention. How the hell do we stand ourselves?!

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Testing out the flock blogger…

This is a test of the Flock blogger…

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a test post

this is a test post to my wordpress blog that I haven’t posted at in quite awhile…

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a question for humans today…

I honestly would like to know:

is there anything GOOD that has come from the current American administration in the six years it has been in control? Anything at all? Anything? Anybody?

time flies!

man, how time flies! I’s been almost a year since I opened this blog and posted something. Yikes!

Post #2

Well. This is my latest blog, and I've been thinking about what to do with it. I'm still not entirely sure, but I wanted to post something. Even in the chaos that is currently mi vida loca, I wanted to drop something down. Maybe it's just the act of typing on my nice keyboard, into this lovely "user interface", that I find enjoyable. Enough to sit here and ramble on though I feel the world crumbling around me. Hmmmmm.

More to come…