It’s 2017! OMG!

This has been a wild year so far. 
A wild ride indeed for pretty much everybody from what I can tell!


Whaddaya say Spidey? Will we make it thru this year in one piece?

Then there’s the news. The crazy, crazy news coming across the wires every day making everyone nervous, ancy, angry, stressed, and generally really freaked out! How do we deal?! People talk prayer, and that’s always a good thing, but there has to be more to do! Things that can have really meaningful impacts in our lives and society. There’s so much change flying around that people can’t keep up, and it’s making people say and do nutty things! Violent, mean-spirited things! Heinous things that just aren’t right! What gives, people! What gives! We’ve been thru worse! The Great Depression! WW2! Idiot presidents and more marches and protests than we can count or care to remember! So what gives, people! What gives!


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